Finding God In Nature and finding peace in the process.

( Guest Blogger:  Andrew C.)

I came into recovery brimming with anger, fear, resentment, and being totally broken. I hated myself and I hated God. God was to blame for the problems in my life and the things that didn’t work out according to my plan. After working on Step 4, during Step 5 my sponsor let me know that God wasn’t to blame. “God didn’t cause these things, but God allowed them to happen.” After Step 5, my anger towards God (and many things) melted away.

After a two-year relapse, my general attitude towards God was veering back towards, “I hate God.” Or more simply “I hate…” This was the chatter in my head, along with hurling insults (mentally) towards others. My former sponsor called that stuff “mental masturbation,” but he told me that thoughts can’t harm others. The only way they can harm others is if I turn them into actions.

My current sponsor encourages me to meditate and practice awareness and to try staying present and mindful. I do yoga a few times a week, along with my gym and walking routine, and the other day it was warm and sunny outside, so I put my mat down on the deck. I did a basic yoga session on upper back tension. At the end of the session, the teacher had me on my knees with palms face to face over my heart. I had quiet meditation. My thoughts of “I hate” things or “I hate God” were there in that inner space.

Then, suddenly, a thought that I didn’t create, came to mind.

A voice.

“Do you hate nature?” No.

“Don’t you realize Nature is a form of God?”

“If you can love the birds, the wind, and the trees and sky, can’t you also love God and yourself?”

Now, when tempted to let negative thoughts take over, I go towards my inner quiet place, outside with nature, and love myself and God.

Andrew C.

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