Thoughts on fear and serenity




Fear picks us up


fondles us

in the grasp of its seduction;

fear feigns concern

enticing us to oust our faith,


be the link in faith’s abduction.




fear shoves us to our knees


showers us with problems

compiling them with ease.

Fear grips a little harder

paves every path we tread,

it chokes our days in clouds of gray


tucks us into bed.


bare feet boy child couch
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com



An aura of serenity

rooted somewhere,

yet undefined

buries itself in the terra cotta of my soul;

even as a summer squall

bows the branches of the mighty oak,

twisting and turning the leaves inside out-

warning of a coming storm,

I remain at peace.

The threat of doom

clinging to the periphery of yesterday’s fear

has subsided;

a whisper, barely audible,

a vision, drained of all color,

an enemy retreating.

My soul seizes this extraordinary moment

lest it be peeled from my core

leaving me naked in its wake;

I romance it,

attempt to enhance it,

but am smart enough

not to question it

for fear, it may resurrect.

photo of a person on boat during golden hour








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